Feb 26 2018

New website, so it's time to try a few new things.  Sometimes, new means going back to old...

A bunch of years ago, blogs were big.  I was living and working in Edmonton at the time, and really didn't care for most of the popular social media platforms (this is before Instagram launched).  There's always something that turns me off social media when it involves "approving friends" or seeing how many views/likes/followers you have....  I didn't really care for high school... so a lot of social media, to me, seems to mirror high school in many ways. 

Then blogs came along.  I started using blogspot, mostly as a way to push myself to work harder and produce more art.  For a year, I made a blog post a day... and it was a lot of fun.  There wasn't any likes, I didn't have to approve anyone, and yet, I met a lot of really awesome artists via the comments.   I'm sure people get that same experience these days from Instagram or whatever... but looking back,  the blog seems to fix what a lot of people complain about right now.  It's always in chronological order, there aren't adds (unless of course you chose to run adds on your blog),  and the format rarely changes.. unless again, you change the format of your blog.

All good reason for me to go forward by going back to a blog.  Follow along, it's the new/old social media platform.  I plan on keeping this as my "work journal" from now on.   Hope to see you back soon!